Sure everyone have heard of Insulin...

Sure everyone have heard of Insulin...
Sure everyone have heard of Insulin (mostly because of Diabetes) but do you know that there are 5 types of Insulin and all 5 functions differently according to types of Diabetes.

The 5 types of Insulin range from rapid- to long-acting.
1. Rapid-acting Insulin 
- Rapid-acting Insulin will affect blood glucose in 15 minutes after injection. Usually peaks in about 1 hour and last up to 5 hours. This insulin usually work effectively after meals, quite similar to body's natural insulin that will reduce risk of a low blood glucose. For diabetics that use this type of Insulin need to eat immediately or soon after got injected.
2. Short-acting Insulin
- For short-acting insulin, it usually takes more time than rapid-acting insulin. It will start lower the blood glucose level in about 30 minutes. Diabetics that use short-acting insulin need to inject 30 minutes before meals. Short-acting insulin will give effect 2- 5 hours max and lasts for 6-8 hours.
3. Intermediate-acting Insulin
- Intermediate-acting insulin is also known as Basal Insulin. Basal Insulin is basically a slow-acting insulin. This is because it will only work effectively 60-90 minutes after injection. It peaks in about 4-12 hours and lasts between 16-24 hours. Diabetics that use this type of insulin usually take it between mealtimes and before bed times to control sugar apart from eating.
4. Long-acting Insulin
- Long-acting insulin usually is absorbed slowly with a very minimal peak effect that lasts most of the day. It is used to control the blood sugar overnight, while fasting and between meals.
5. Premixed/ Combination Insulin
- This type of insulin is a combination of either rapid-acting insulin or short-acting insulin together with intermediate-acting insulin. 

In conclusion, always keep track with your blood glucose level so you will know how many dosage of insulin you need to take in a day. 

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