How can you tell if you have Diabetes?🤔

How can you tell if you have Diabetes?🤔

How can you tell if you have Diabetes?🤔

The warning signs of diabetes could be ‘mild’, especially for type 2 Diabetes.

Here are the symptoms of Diabetes:

1. Always tired
- Our body converts the food we eat into glucose that our cells use for energy. But remember that, our cells NEED insulin to take in glucose. If our body made not enough insulin, it’ll certainly get tired or fatigue.

2. Sudden weight loss
- When more sugar stays in our blood, our body doesn’t get the fuel it needs. Which then leads to burning fat and muscle for energy that will result in total weight loss.

3. Always thirsty
- Being thirsty all the time is one of the diabetes symptoms but how? When you had Diabetes, your body can’t use sugar from your food properly. This will cause sugar to be collected in your blood. High blood sugar levels force your kidneys to get rid of the extra sugar.

4. Tingling hands and feets
- Tingling hands and feets are also one of Diabetes symptoms. Also known as Diabetic Neuropathy. About 50% people with Diabetes had experienced with nerve pain. It may be not serious but it can get worse over times.

5. Blurry Vision
- High blood sugar causes the lens of the eye to swell, which result in the ability to see clearly.

6. Frequent urination
- When we have too much sugar in our blood, our kidneys will have to work harder to get rid of it which forces them to make urine.

7. Wounds heal slowly
- Most people with Diabetes have immune system problems. If your immune system can’t function properly, wounds in your body will take time and the risk of getting infections is higher.

Therefore, if you develop even ONE symptoms please see the doctor for a check up.

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